I’m Ken Froese and it is my hope is to make movement fun for you. So often exercise is seen as a chore; something we need to endure to keep ourselves in shape. Wouldn’t it be great if your workouts were something to get excited about?

A quote that inspires me as I train is this:

“The only purpose of exercise is to feel your body”.

Vladimir Vasiliev

By tuning into your body, you will learn to identify the habits that limit you, and discover that exercise and movement need never be boring.


GroundFlow encourages natural movement, free of tension and self-imposed restrictions. More than an exercise system; GroundFlow’s principles can be practiced as you move through your everyday life; improving posture, breathing, comfort and athleticism. It can be incorporated into your other practices, to  improve your over-all well-being.

With an emphasis first on mastering movement, and then progressing to “loaded movement” using bodyweight on the ground, resistance bands, Kettlebells or free weights, GroundFlow is a flexible movement practice that will enhance whatever training system you are currently using.

Founder of GroundFlow
Z-Health Master Trainer
Z-Health Instructor
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World Kettlebell Club Instructor 2007
RKC Kettlebell Instructor 2007 – Present
Assisted at 6 public RKCs and 2 private for the Military
RKC level II Instructor 2008 – Present
HardStyle Ventura 2009 with Pavel Tsatsouline
Return of the Kettlebell workshop with Pavel Tsatsouline 2009
Power to the People Seminar with Pavel Tsatsouline 2010
Met Method Level 1 Movement efficiency training.
StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 2012
StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Level II 2012
FMS Functional Movement Screen 2008
CK-FMS Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist 2009
Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork workshop with John Wolf 2013
Kinesio Taping Levels 1& 2
Avid Systema practitioner